We believe that creativity is an important quality that most people that are taking a part of virtual words have. With some of them it is clearly they have it but with others it is there but still have to come out in the open. We would like to encourage people and challenge them to develop their creativity further. Virtual worlds are the ideal place to explore your capabilities, your creativity without doing any harm. What most people need are guides and a friend who help them when they got stocked. That is why we setup teams that work together on themes that can be used by others. A place and an opportunity to learn from others, to develop your capabilities and to have fun. A place with friends where you can feel at home and is the ideal place to learn and build and be creative with others.

We find that basic services in SIMVALLEY must be FREE available. Just like the use of Facebook, LinkedIn and other public services. The cost of the basic services should be covered by the advertisement on the SIMVALLEY and not on users. In this way everyone can make free use of the basic services and enjoy being in SIMVALLEY.

The founders also like the idea to create a community where residents can share knowledge, building methods, tools and other things that are freely available. The founders believe that this acts as an incentive for the creativity of people and by giving things that you have created yourself, you will get a lot in return. So in the future this will result in a much better evolution. By helping each other, through sharing each other’s knowledge, learn to collaborate so everyone will be much more able to enjoy everything that is available in SIMVALLEY.

Every new resident of SIMVALLEY get a FREE lot of 32m to 32m, also 1024 sqm (square meters). For almost all residents this is more than enough for a house, shop or something else to build. A piece of land that belongs only to you where you can build, meet friends and all kinds of things you can do as long as they are not inconsistent with the rules of SIMVALLEY.

The founders find it important that SIMVALLEY is user friendly. This means that sex, harassment, abuse and deceit, lying and cheating and all sorts of other nasty things forbidden in SIMVALLEY. This is also the reason that when logging into your real information is required. These are obviously SIMVALLEY not disclosed, but all serve to make sure that the likelihood of nasty things to do as little as possible. We want an environment where everyone has fun, people cooperate and enjoy everything in SIMVALLEY offers. For this is what we have drawn up rules that you have agreed when you filled out your account application. If you do not persists then you better do another game.

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