HOSTING A SERVER IN SIMVALLEY For people who rent more the 4 sims it is cheaper to host your own server. Depending on the building structures, scripts and number of visitors it sometimes is possible to create a fifth sim on the same server. We will test this in collaborations with the customer and make the dicision if this is possible.

HOSTING FOR AN OTHER GRID We also offer opportunities through their own Region Server 4 islands to link to another grid. Think of a nationwide grid for the topic education. In such a grid, the grid server managed centrally and it is possible own regions this to connect. The costs can be found on our website.

HOSTING YOUR OWN GRID We offer the possibility to setup your own private GRID. A environment like SIMVALLEY but only available by people you give accounts to. This configuration could be interesting for companies, schools, and communities that want there own comapny virtual world.

A PRIVATE CLOSED GRID There are companies that want a fully equipped server in a private environment. A private grid for the organization where access is determined by the organization itself. A virtual environment can be gathered, which own projects can be shaped, application in education through virtual curriculum, an environment in which innovative products can be simulated and customers can be shown (a new residential area, houses where you can by walk, a car that you can view from all sides, the operation of components can be tested and the composition of the product by the customer can be determined. Think in interiors), an environment for an organization which designs can be tested and can be learned from experiences and comments from customers. There is much in this field possible. Inspire business can realize your ideas your partner. Crowdsourcing using virtual worlds is one of our key focus areas. For more information about the details of a private area you can visit the website.

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