To keep your staying in SIMVALLEY for everybody as nice as possible the owner have made a set of rules that every citizen has to obey. At the moment you have read the SIMVALLEY conditions and accept your account you promise to live by those rules and accept the consequences and actions taken by the owner if your not follow the rules. If you do not follow the rules you give the owner the right to block your account and remove your stuff. Restitution of property, funds and other stuff under your account  can not be refunded.

The description of all the rules you have to live by can by found in THE SIMVALLEY “TERMS OF SERVICE”. You have to read those and agreed with before you accept your SIMVALLEY account. The most important ones are:

  • All your behaviors and activities must be covered by local and international law;
  • It is not allowed to bully, threaten, assault or abuse other SIMVALLEY inhabitants or visitors;
  • Experimenting, unpacking, building, and testing scripts you should always first try in the sandbox;
  • You should not interfere others during the build. Find a free spot in the sandbox to build in;
  • After finishing your activities in the sandbox always remove all your stuff or copy to your inventory;
  • On your free lot there is a maximum of 234 prims to use. Stay within these lot limit;
  • No public sex or sexually explicit statements, pictures, photos or activities are allowed;
  • Import of publicly available objects, self-designed textures, script, etc. is permitted only
    if it satisfies the copyrights and as such may be made ​​freely available to other Simvalley
  • we don’t backup all the stuff you put on your land. You are yourself responsible for your content;
  • It is forbidden to resell free imported stuff (so -called open source) to others. You are allowed
    to give it to others for free when this is allowed in the license;
  • Under no conditions should music, texture, photos or other files be uploaded if there are
    Copyrights, BUMA rights with any other form of protection involved. Those are protected
    by law and can’t be used inside SIMVALLEY.

These rules are necessary to keep SIMVALLEY enjoyable for everyone . We are strict in maintaining these rules. Unfortunately is also necessary. Think of it as traffic rules. If not everyone drives on the right side of the road accidents will happen. And we want to avoid incidents in SIMVALLEY.

We also are very tolerant if you will help us to better SIMVALLEY to create and grow into a place where everyone enjoy. There is much possible in SIMVALLEY. Realize you are in SIMVALLEY at no charge.

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