When you already use a viewer connect to SIMVALLEY with the URI = http://sv.simvalley.nl:8002/

Choose one of the viewers below to install. Just follow the steps downwards. Firestorm is more complete than Singularity and support MESH but Singularity is easier to use.

Download (Windows x64): Firestorm 4.7.3 Download (windows x64); Singularity 1.8.6
after download and install: after download and install:
start the Firestorm viewer Start the SINGULARITY viewer
click on menu VIEWER and select PREFERENCES Click on the button marked: GRID MANAGER
Click on tab OPENSIM Click now on the button: CREATE
Add new grid: http://sv.simvalley.nl:8002/ fill in LOGIN URI: http://sv.simvalley.nl:8002/
Click on APPLY next to CLEAR Click on the ADVANCED button
Click on the REFRESH button Click on: REFRESH GRID URLs
Select SIMVALLEY in the list Click on: APPLY
Click on APPLY Click on DEFAULT button
Click on OK Click on OK
fill in your login name and password fill in your login name and password
click on LOGIN click on LOGIN


Welcome to SIMVALLEY!