When your inside SIMVALLEY you can use a FREE LOT (1024 sqm is 32 X 32 square meters) where you can build things up to a maximum of 234 PRIMS. In our mall you can find clothes, furniture, jewelry and other beautiful items that are made by SIMVALLEY people and made them ​​available for other SIMVALLEY users. We have also arranged an island where you’ll find houses. These are made ​​with care by our residents and are available for other residents in SIMVALLEY.

Each resident can get a free piece of land up to 1024 sqm. Contact in-world with John Silver by IM for FREE LAND when you are logged or send him an  email 

For a bigger piece of land you must rent. More information can be found on page: “RENT LOTS > 1024 SQM“.

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